Mizerak Hardwood Cue (2Piece), 57″, Black

Last updated on October 1, 2023 12:13 pm

The Mizerak Bridge Cue is a specialized cue designed to assist pool players in reaching shots that are challenging to access with a standard cue. Here are the key features of this bridge cue:

  • Aluminum Bridgehead: The cue features a 5-position aluminum bridgehead. This bridgehead can be adjusted to various positions to help players reach and make shots in difficult-to-reach areas of the pool table. Bridge cues like this are particularly useful for shooting over other balls or when the cue ball is positioned near the rail.
  • Ferrule and Tip: It comes with a 12mm ferrule and a leather tip. A leather tip is known for providing good grip and control over the cue ball, which is crucial for precise shots, even when using a bridge cue.
  • Handle Design: The cue has a classic painted handle design with a high-gloss finish. The handle design is not only functional but also adds a touch of style to the cue.
  • Rubber Bumper: It includes a custom rubber bumper, which helps protect the cue from accidental damage when it’s set down or leaned against the table. This can extend the lifespan of the cue.

In summary, the Mizerak Bridge Cue is a useful accessory for pool players, especially when they encounter challenging shots that require stretching or reaching. The adjustable bridgehead and quality construction, including the leather tip and rubber bumper, make it a practical tool for players looking to improve their reach and accuracy during games.

Specification: Mizerak Hardwood Cue (2Piece), 57″, Black

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Mizerak Hardwood Cue (2Piece), 57″, Black
Mizerak Hardwood Cue (2Piece), 57″, Black